Watch two short films from last week\'s episode of SOS.
8 Dec 2008 - 1:00 AM  UPDATED 7 Nov 2012 - 1:30 AM

Dirs: Salto Bros

A secret agent is contacted by an old friend and mentor, to find the daughter he hasn\'t seen for 15 years. The agent risks his personal safety to fulfill his friend\'s wish. As he watches the woman, the agent is overcome with thoughts, memories and emotions relating to his own sacrifices over the years.

The film has screened at the 2008 Palm Springs ShortsFest, Istanbul International Short Film Festival, and the 29th Festival du Film Court de Villeurbanne (France).

Boy Meets Girl Stories - Episode 32: Barcelona
Director: Mark De Cloe

The Boy Meets Girl Stories are 34 poetic, cinematographic representations of the thoughts and feelings people have when they are in love. The recognisable short films are without explanation or definition. They are more poems of the unqualified feelings of being in love, filmed in a characteristic way. The 34 short films are connected by one man\'s search; he believes that everybody has 7 chances to meet \'the one\'.

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