Take a first look at Peter Jackson\'s interpretation of Heaven, as depicted in The Lovely Bones.

Ever wondered what Heaven looks like? This is the first look at Peter Jackson's interpretation of what lies past the pearly gates.

It's the first image from his upcoming adaptation of Alice Sebold's The Lovely Bones, which depicts a murdered girl in Heaven, observing her loved ones as they try to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives.

This first look suggests that Jackson's depiction of Heaven doesn't seem to stray too far from Hollywood's standard depictions of fluffy clouds and vibrant sunsets, a la Heaven Can Wait, Always et al, but a) it's a poster so it's probably best to wait for the finished film before passing judgement, and b) the opportunity to invent a 14-year-old's 'personal heaven' offers a visual storyteller like Jackson a blank canvas, so you can bet he'll make the most of it. Indeed, the director has spoken at length about being attracted to the idea of creating strong visuals around the book's emotional storyline and in particular, the narrator's unique perspective.

“We certainly have no intention of using this movie to paint a definitive picture of what Heaven is like, and who resides there,” he has said.

The Lovely Bones
opens in Australia on Boxing Day.

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