The sun shone and the stars descended on Sydney's Walsh Bay precinct,as Paramount Pictures paraded the acting ensemble and key creativesbehind their next roll of the blockbuster dice - G.I. Joe.
20 Jul 2009 - 3:41 PM  UPDATED 6 Nov 2012 - 7:33 PM

Director Stephen Sommers (who last weaved cinematic magic with The Mummy and – ahem – Van Helsing), producer Lorenzo Bondventura (Transformers) and stars Marlon Wayans, Channing Tatum and Rachel Nichols, all oozed confidence and salesmanship when asked such penetrating questions as, "What's it like tnow that you are an action figure"?

The star of the press confrence – and one feels, from the glowing appraisals of her co-stars, the movie – is Sienna Miller, who charmed the gallery while fielding questions on her frock, fragrance and on the odd occasion, her character, The Baroness.

Paramount put on a lavish spread of breakfast treats, turning the Simmer on the Bay estabilshment in The Rocks into a celebration of all things Hollywood – glitz, glamour and fruit platters. The event kicked off with an action-packed display of somersaulting dexterity from a street-gymnastics troupe (though watching the way the young chaps sucked down the complimentary muffins, their nimble days are numbered).

Your intrepid reporter tried his best with his allotted question time, asking how the effects hold up in the wake of such recent vfx-groundbreakers like Watchmen and Transformers. 'It goes further!", said Miller; "Bigger; Louder," said Bonaventura; "Wait till you see what we do to the Eiffel Tower!" said Sommers, which brought a round of giggles from his cohorts.

If the light-hearted camaraderie and sense of fun that the G.I. Joe team brought to the press gathering comes across in the film, Sommers' lastest film could be a big-budget blast (production costs are reported at US$170 million). It promises the elements we expect of a US summer smash and if we are to believe all involved with its inception and production, it delivers.