Adventureland stars Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg will join forces for another slacker film, American Ultra.
11 Nov 2013 - 11:38 AM  UPDATED 15 Nov 2013 - 6:05 PM

Some actors bring out the best in each other, whether it's Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy or Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci. You can add Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network) and Kristen Stewart (The Twilight Saga) to that list. His edgy, anxious ambition and her conflicted emotion were both sharpened in Adventureland, Gregg Mottola's wry coming of age comedy from 2009. Now the pair will be reunited for the action comedy American Ultra, the story of a slacker and his girlfriend, who have to go on the run when the United States government tries to eliminate him. The film is written by Max Landis (Chronicle) and directed by Nima Nourizadeh (Project X).

Fox says yes to Eurosong comedy
Israeli filmmaker Eytan Fox treads a lighter path with his new movie Cupcakes. The writer/director, whose previous features included Yossi & Jagger, Walk on Water, and The Bubble, tells the story of a group of friends, each with their own problems, who despair over Israel's entry into the Eurosong contest (Eurovision with a legally acceptable name). When they create their own song and jokingly submit it, it's actually accepted, changing their lives and situations. Fox's cast includes Dana Ivgy (Broken Wings, Jaffa) and Ofer Schechter (The Little Traitor). Read our review of Cupcakes here.

Strange but true
The next film from veteran director Ron Howard (Parenthood, Rush) will be a documentary on hip-hop mogul Jay-Z… Jonah Hill (Moneyball) and Emma Stone (The Amazing Spider-Man) may star in a rebooted Ghostbusters… Nancy Meyers (The Holiday, It's Complicated) will be putting Reese Witherspoon (Walk the Line) opposite Robert Niro (Heat) for The Intern, the story of a fashion website magnate and her relationship with a pensioner in the company's senior's work program…

Superhero seeks superlady
This whole Batman vs. Superman thing is not going away, despite the movie (officially called Untitled Zack Snyder Superhero Film) not being released until July 2015. Now that Ben Affleck can go back online after being cast as Batman to Henry Cavill's Superman, more roles are being filled in. Adam Driver (the forthcoming Inside Llewyn Davis, television's Girls) is up for Batman's sidekick, who may be Robin or the DC Comics character Nightwing, while a character description for a female who is, “tall, brunette, athletic and exotic” has drawn Jaime Alexander (Thor: The Dark World), Olga Kurylenko (Oblivion) and Gal Gadot (the last few Fast & Furious flicks). The character may be a love interest for Batman, or Wonder Woman, because obviously no-one's going to be happy until this film features more superheroes than The Avengers did.

Kidman and Bateman play siblings for art

The prolific comic actor Jason Bateman (Juno, Horrible Bosses) is moving quickly into a directing career. In Bad Words, which has been playing the American festival circuit, Bateman directed himself as an adult trying to deal with the problems in his life by exploiting a loophole in the rules and entering a famous spelling bee to compete with precocious children. Now he will star in and direct The Family Fang, a bittersweet comedy about two grown siblings who spent their youth participating in their parents' performance art happenings, which culminated in them being deserted by their unreliable guardians. Bateman and Nicole Kidman (Birth, Eyes Wide Shut) will play brother and sister, although the crucial casting may be their rediscovered parents. Alan Arkin and Ellen Burstyn?