Gorgeously lit and sumptuously costumed dance sequences complement a central narrative that remains frustrating.
Now in her 80s, María Nieves Rego is bright-eyed, and henna-haired. She’s still light on her feet as she walks the streets of modern Buenos Aires. Talking straight to camera, she defiantly says she regrets nothing. Except for Juan Carlos Copes....
Investigative drama for traditional tastes.
Up until now Juan Jose Campanella’s The Secret in Their Eyes has been best known for the films it beat out to win Best Foreign Language Film earlier this year at the Academy Awards: Michael Haneke’s The White Ribbon and Jacques Audiard’s A Prophet.
A mechanic dreams big after his adopted pup wins first prize at a local dog show.
Argentinean director Carlos Sorin began his career in advertising, but you'd never guess it watching his latest film Bombón: El Perro. Bombón: El Perro is a quiet and understated masterpiece. Its brilliance lies in its complex character study, ex...