The Taika touch works a treat
Marvel movies operate within a fairly narrow band of quality. They’re never going to be truly bad (though some have come close), but they’re never going to be amazingly good either. The trick for the studio now is to find directors who excel in...
One of the film's successes is that it coherently keeps track of these disparate characters in an interesting way. Writer/director Clinton Smith has chosen a hyped-up reality look in terms of colours and angles, that matches his inner-city drug...
A nightmarish journey to the dark side of '80s Australia.
Introducing the Australian premiere of his latest film, Hounds of Love, at the Brisbane Asia Pacific Film Festival, Stephen Curry began with an apology. “I apologise in advance if anyone expected The Castle. This isn’t The Castle.”
A disturbing documentary about a homegrown cult.
The Family is currently screening in limited release in Victoria, with screenings planned for NSW, South Australia and Western Australia soon. Details here.  
A simple coming-of-age story that benefits from a great cast and moments of inspired craziness.
What could be cuter than Red Dog – the mutt who stole Australia’s heart in the 2011 crowd-pleaser? Red Puppy of course. And the idea of going back in time to the dog’s origin story also solves the problem of trying to create a franchise when your...