The Power Rangers are back on the big screen. But do the colour-coded crime fighters size up in a world where superheroes now dominate pop culture?
Sometimes a property needs a big budget reboot to achieve its full potential. Other times, and Power Rangers is most definitely one of those times, spending big money seems like missing the point. After all, much of the fun of the original Power...
At least the trailer was good.
“What happens if the next Superman becomes a terrorist?”
Seventeenth century pilgrims battle the elements of a harsh new land, as well as their own sinful natures – and something far more sinister.
Is it possible for a contemporary horror movie to make us believe in God, the Devil or the fiery pits of hell? The spewings of The Exorcism are now a joke. So too, the tropes of satanic offspring and bloody sex rites around midnight fires.
After seven years of captivity within a soundproofed, suburban shed, Ma (Brie Larson) has almost lost hope. Yet each day, she tries to make a normal life for her five-year-old son, Jack (Jacob Tremblay), a beautiful long-haired child who is no...