The much-maligned Cannes opening night film Grace of Monaco will be recut for its North American release, according to reports.

Indiewire blogger Ann Thompson is reporting a conversation she had with Harvey Weinstein once he arrived in Cannes - after opening night - and he divulged details about how the film might be improved by more editing.

"Weinstein, who closed a deal to release the movie right before Cannes at a reduced fee, [...] said that he and Dahan will work together on a new cut--a release date is not yet set--and that he couldn't have asked for more publicity on the movie. He made a point that the writer-producer Arash Amel and star Kidman deserved credit for their hard work. And he feels strongly that there's a way to cut the movie--he said he hasn't seen the Cannes cut, as he was in Jordan with his wife Georgina Chapman visiting a refugee camp that may become fodder for a documentary--that will placate the Monaco's royal family, the Grimaldis, who right now are not pleased."Read the full account here.

The film was widely ridiculed for over-sensationalising aspects of Grace Kelly's life, among other things, when it opened the festival on Wednesday.

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