Nicole Kidman was the best thing about the woeful Grace of Monaco, so it follows then, that she was the best thing about the Grace of Monaco press conference today. Here are some of her better quotes.


On the Grimaldi family’s rejection of the film

“Obviously, I feel sad because the film has no malice towards the family or towards Grace or Rainier. It’s fictionalised. It's not a biopic. It has the essence of truth but with a lot of these things, you take dramatic license. But I understand also, it’s their mother and father.  I understand the protection of their privacy of their mother and father. It’s awkward but it is what it is, I have respect.

On her first response to the part:

“I thought ‘Ooh a challenge’. Goosebumps. I’m always looking for things that put me on a high wire and this was one of those roles. Still is.”

On playing real life characters

“I’ve played people that have existed before. For this role there’s a lot of footage available, obviously. I can hear her voice, I can read a lot of things. I had five months to prepare, to very gently enter into her skin, watching, listening, absorbing. But at same time, it was important that that I didn’t feel trapped by having to mimic her.

On discoveries she made during her research into Grace Kelly

Some of the most fascinating footage of her was before she came here (to France) when knew she as going to get married, like at a press conference where she responded to questions about the nationality of her children and citizenship. And on the boat travelling over. It was incredible. She was with all the journalists on the boat! So we’d all be travelling together!

"It was unusual and extraordinary and it magnified how unusual her life was, it was a rarified air in which she existed."

On Grace and Ranier

"I think there was a deep love between them. They had to get to know each other – they didn’t really know each other when they got married, so they had to do that with all of the other things that went into the basket. She fascinates me and still does and obviously she still fascinates the world."

On life and art and potentially giving it all up for love.

I’ve never had to but I would absolutely, I wouldn’t think twice about it. I would hope there’s some other things I could do.

Love is the core emotion. I’ve existed without that and it’s a very empty life. When I won the Oscar I went home and I didn’t have that in my life was the most intensely lonely period of my life. The greatest highs have coincided with greatest lows. They’ve collided, and that’s always aggravated me that it’s gone that way. I’m hoping that I can have emotional and professional high at the same time! Sorry for going there."