It’s impossible to overstate what Black Panther means for superhero diversity, but the story is more of the same.
What do we want from a superhero movie in 2018? Or, rather, what is fair to ask of a superhero movie?
The new Star Wars knows its place in the universe.
Rian Johnson, the writer and director of Star Wars: The Last Jedi approaches the now storied franchise not with a fan’s reverence but their productive curiosity. The filmmaker gets under the hood of George Lucas’ mythic endeavour, testing out...
The Taika touch works a treat
Marvel movies operate within a fairly narrow band of quality. They’re never going to be truly bad (though some have come close), but they’re never going to be amazingly good either. The trick for the studio now is to find directors who excel in...
In a post-'Get Out' world, this dusty old Coen Bros script can't cut it.
White picket fences and mailmen who know your name, this is 1950s suburbia, complete with cookies and milk. It’s also complete with the dark and sinister undertones we’ve come to expect from every contemporary film set in that period. And this is...
A rollicking feminist superhero tale that will inspire a thousand costume parties.
Throw a costume party with a superhero theme, and most of the women will turn up dressed as Wonder Woman. The reason is simple: not only is the Amazonian princess, demigoddess and founding member of DC Comics Justice League a drop-dead gorgeous...

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