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Wolverine finale gets real, goes out with a bang.
The Wolverine (aka Logan) is the defining role of Hugh Jackman’s career, but the movies in the X-Men extended universe have never matched the standard set by their central star. Jackman plays the character as if he were Othello, with all the...
China’s big attempt to break into the international blockbuster market is safe and sturdy – qualities better suited to a wall than an epic.
China’s most expensive film production ever was also, briefly, one of its most controversial: when Matt Damon was announced in the lead role, many assumed fantasy epic The Great Wall would be yet another case of Hollywood “whitewashing”.
The Force is at half-strength in this one.
Rogue One, the second Star Wars movie since the Lucasfilm studio was bought by Disney, is a film of two very distinct parts. The first is basically what we’ve come to expect from a Star Wars movie: our rough-around-the-edges lead gets drawn into...
Dressing up familiar formula is a matter of smoke and mirrors.
Doctor Strange is the first Marvel movie named after the lead character’s real name. That is, in this film Benedict Cumberbatch starts out playing a regular, if very skilled, neurosurgeon named Stephen Strange; if it was named after his superhero...
Fact meets fiction in contemporary creature feature
Editor's note: This film was released in Australia as 'Shin Godzilla'