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Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt head up Antoine Fuqua's take on the 1960 western, but even an admirably diverse cast and solid action can't lift this uninspired remake.
“Why does this exist?” is not a phrase a critic likes to come across in her screening notes, in part because it puts an onus on her future self: Can she answer her own question? Did the film leave any clues?
At least the trailer was good.
“What happens if the next Superman becomes a terrorist?”
A speedy action thriller with its own sense of dark fun.
SYDNEY FILM FESTIVAL: In the speedy new action thriller from French director Jean-François Richet, Mel Gibson wears a beard and carries a big gun. The oversized load of facial hair softens his looks and focuses our gaze on those famous blue eyes,...
Game adaptation fails to spark on screen
A whole lot of things have to go seriously wrong for US$150 million to turn into a movie like Warcraft: The Beginning. To be fair to director Duncan Jones, who’s once-promising career (Moon, Source Code) has to have been seriously derailed by...
Bryan Singer's fourth "X-Men" film disappoints with too many characters and an over-reliance on visual effects.
If you've seen one cinematic apocalypse, you've seen them all. At least that's the feeling conjured by X-Men: Apocalypse, the latest entry in one of the more reliable comic-book franchises around, this time disappointingly succumbing to an...