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The Force is at half-strength in this one.
Rogue One, the second Star Wars movie since the Lucasfilm studio was bought by Disney, is a film of two very distinct parts. The first is basically what we’ve come to expect from a Star Wars movie: our rough-around-the-edges lead gets drawn into...
'Harry Potter' offshoot packs a lot in, offers room to improve
It only takes one word to scare a fantasy film fan: “prequel”. Years of bitter experience has shown that, more often than not, prequels mean lazy storytelling, bloated run times, and the unmistakable feeling that making a buck was the first thing...
Dressing up familiar formula is a matter of smoke and mirrors.
Doctor Strange is the first Marvel movie named after the lead character’s real name. That is, in this film Benedict Cumberbatch starts out playing a regular, if very skilled, neurosurgeon named Stephen Strange; if it was named after his superhero...
Fact meets fiction in contemporary creature feature
Editor's note: This film was released in Australia as 'Shin Godzilla' 
Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt head up Antoine Fuqua's take on the 1960 western, but even an admirably diverse cast and solid action can't lift this uninspired remake.
“Why does this exist?” is not a phrase a critic likes to come across in her screening notes, in part because it puts an onus on her future self: Can she answer her own question? Did the film leave any clues?