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MELBOURNE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL: The influences are all too obvious in Patrice Leconte’s The Suicide Shop, a 3D animated adaptation of Jean Teule’s darkly comic novel. There is more than a little Addams Family, a pinch of The Corpse Bride,...
Scorsese’s exuberant, magical odyssey transports audiences to the dawn of cinema.
Martin Scorsese’s Hugo is a near-masterpiece, a dazzling, magical mix of fantasy, drama and whimsy, enhanced by the most eye-popping and inventive rendering of 3D since James Cameron’s Avatar.
A fun but familiar retro-themed turn from Speilberg.
One need only a limited expectation that a film’s value lies in the spectacle of its 'colour and movement’ to argue that Steven Spielberg’s The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn is anywhere near the great director’s best work.
Swords and sandal epic contains the stuff of legend.
There is no more anachronistic film genre than the swords-and-sandals epic. The 'gladiator movie’ offered spectacle on a grand scale, to 1950s-era Hollywood, when studios decided that bigger was most definitely better. The genre became a bit of a...
Superhero send-up fails to match Ferrell's talent.
The best thing about Megamind, that is, apart from the gee-wiz-wasn’t-that-a-cool-move animation, is Will Ferrell’s voice. Shrill, soothing, passive-aggressive and always over-confident, Ferrell’s Megamind is a masterpiece of voice-work. Setting...