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Indian trilogy takes it to the limit.
Proudly preposterous from the very first frame to the last, the third instalment of India’s most successful action series sticks to the formula but also reaches ridiculous new heights in spectacle. Dhoom 3 is populist twaddle of the highest order...
Despite a barrage of colour and noise, Punit Malholtra’s paper-thin romantic comedy Gori Tere Pyaar Mein is little more than a lazy star vehicle for two of Bollywood’s big names, neither of whom seem particularly keen to be involved.
If any significant audience still exists for the blustery B-movie tropes of '80s Bollywood action cheapies, I ask that you revisit 'classics’ from the period via your VHS collection and not inspire filmmakers like Prabhudheva to concoct trash...
Bollywood blockbuster railroads logical storytelling.
Shah Rukh Khan, the Bollywood superstar often referred to as India’s answer to Tom Cruise, is more Jerry Lewis than Jerry Maguire in his Eid holiday blockbuster, Chennai Express. A loud, lame-brained romantic comedy from the (very) broad...
Friendship drama plays to the fanbase.
Key plot elements will be instantly recognisable to fans of commercial Bollywood fare.

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