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The 'Best of Enemies' documentary about the Buckely-Vidal debates could be the saddest film of the year.
You might see a film about William F. Buckley and Gore Vidal’s ten televised debates during the 1968 presidential conventions as an opportunity to bask in eloquent, pointed repartee. You might also enjoy the spectacle of two of the foremost...
A modest milestone.
If nothing else, Selma has a sense of irony. Still, it’s an irony that’s airtight and writ large. In theory at least, it’s a way of saying, ‘Hey folks, we see the big picture and we won’t let it get away’. Selma, in a way, is a reminder of a sour...
Jesus walks.
SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL: For the committed watcher of Ewan McGregor, the opening minutes of Last Days in the Desert, Rodrigo Garcia’s spare, luminous retelling of Jesus’s 40 days spent fasting in the desert, offers distilled pleasure.
A Ukranian eccentric presents an alarmingly plausible theory about the Chernobyl disaster.
A well-deserved Sundance grand jury prizewinner in the World Cinema documentary category, The Russian Woodpecker is a complex film about Chernobyl that is also surprisingly, richly enjoyable. Chad Gracia's first feature juggles Ukrainian/Russian...
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