Portrait of a musical man-child who deserves the excitation.
2015 SYDNEY FILM FESTIVAL: The dedicated Beach Boys fan has almost certainly heard a clutch of so-called “tracking sessions” during which group leader Brian Wilson, in the later months of 1965 and well into the next year, coaxes a crack set of...
Surprise is a theme constantly revisited and revised in German filmmaker Chris Kraus' riveting feature about a precocious pianist and her elderly tutor. From the deafening opener to an electrifying finale, there are few moments that don't...
A remarkable film.
David: This is the finest biography of a troubled artist since Jane Campion's An Angel at My Table: a mature, intelligent and profoundly moving human drama of genius, loss, and ultimate redemption. ★★★★★...
SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL: The screwed-up girl has left her bright, lipstick-smeary mark on this year’s Sundance.
Alternate title: The Jazz Ringer.
Whiplash, the riveting second feature by Franco-American writer-director Damien Chazelle, starts with a completely black screen and the sound of escalating drum beats.

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