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KARLOVY VARY INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL: Sundance favourite Mike Cahill provides a worthy, thought-provoking follow-up to his award-winning 2011 debut, Another Earth, in which fact and faith square off with increasing complexity and consequences.
Intergallactic buddy movie stops short of reaching for the stars
There’s a common lament that Hollywood’s main interest lies in making films for 14-year-old boys and their adult counterparts – men who collect comic books and fondly remember the magic of Star Wars. The latest big budget superhero film from...
Sci-fi actioner a little bit silly but whole lot of fun.
It’s so easy to pick apart the gaping the plot-holes and scientific flaws in Luc Besson’s latest flight of fancy, Lucy.
Ambition outweighs flaws in clever Australian sci-fi adaptation.
MELBOURNE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL: There are an awful lot of gimmick-scripts out there – a symptom, perhaps, of Hollywood’s fondness for ‘high concept’ properties, narratives which can be condensed to a brief, easily-remembered pitch.
More of the same from The King of the Monsters.
The stylish opening credit sequence sets the scene: sepia sketches of mythic Japanese monsters give way to grainy 8mm film of nuclear explosions, along with old newspaper clippings and heavily redacted military documents, with the slightest tease...