China’s big attempt to break into the international blockbuster market is safe and sturdy – qualities better suited to a wall than an epic.
China’s most expensive film production ever was also, briefly, one of its most controversial: when Matt Damon was announced in the lead role, many assumed fantasy epic The Great Wall would be yet another case of Hollywood “whitewashing”.
Don't expect a satisfactory whodunit denouement in this coming-of-age/serial killer hybrid.
SYDNEY FILM FESTIVAL: In 1991, in a small northern Chinese backwater town, a pubescent girl, Jing (Su Xiaotong) has reached that embarrassed stage where she constantly argues with her mother and every public utterance by her father (Guo Xiao)...
Like Hou’s cinema, taking a life of someone you loved is not something to be considered idly.
It’s an indisputable fact that Hou Hsiao-hsien’s first wu xia movie The Assassin is an exquisitely beautiful film. Shot by frequent Hou collaborator, the superb cinematographer Mark Lee Ping Bin (who Wong Kar-wai turned to when his relationship...
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