No winners in story of vindictive victory.
SYDNEY FILM FESTIVAL: At first the screen is dark and all we hear is heavy breathing, the kind that suggests an animal lying in wait. Like so much in this deeply unsettling film, the effect is rattling, claustrophobic, and rather punishing. What ...
An octogenarian biodynamic farmer battles bureaucracy in his quest to preserve Danish Red dairy cattle, and to practice crop and animal husbandry in a respectful manner, in the inspiring, good-looking observational documentary Good Things Await....
Scandinavian horror a worthy companion to Let the Right One In.
Remember in 2008 when Tomas Alfredson snuck up on the world with his sly contribution to the vampire movie, Let the Right One In? Scandinavian subtlety and the supernatural blended to make a film that got under people’s skin and suckered in an...
Mads on a mission in wild Dutch Western.
CANNES FILM FESTIVAL: Here comes a sweeping statement that happens to be true: Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen is a national treasure who transcends borders.
We're distributing The Keeper of Lost Causes in Australia, in a partnership with Madman Films. Naturally we think you'll love the movie but we'll leave the reviews to others.  Here's a sample of what other critics are saying about it: "A difficul...
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