Singular perspective brings the horror of The Holocaust into sharp focus
For all its ghastly aspects, the sheer scale of the Holocaust is where its true horror lies. Son of Saul brings that horror home in perhaps the most counter-intuitive way imaginable: by focusing so closely on one man that everything going on...
Youth skilfully evokes the joy and melancholy of time as it passes, the yearning for new experience that drives us on even as our ability to seize it wanes.
Italian writer-director Paolo Sorrentino’s latest film doesn’t hit the heights of his 2013 effort The Great Beauty; that film’s near-perfect mix of longing and cynicism set the bar at a height he hasn’t cleared since. But Youth skilfully evokes...
'Victoria' is an electrifyingly intense one-take ride.
SYDNEY FILM FESTIVAL: German actor turned director-writer Sebastian Schipper’s virtuoso single-take story of a wild night out in Berlin is an exhilarating blast.
Surprise is a theme constantly revisited and revised in German filmmaker Chris Kraus' riveting feature about a precocious pianist and her elderly tutor. From the deafening opener to an electrifying finale, there are few moments that don't...
The real-life hangover
The Un Certain Regard section of the Cannes Film Festival opened today, with French/German film Party Girl, a first time feature film about a perenially soused flirt who harbors a pathological fear of settling down.
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