Singular perspective brings the horror of The Holocaust into sharp focus
For all its ghastly aspects, the sheer scale of the Holocaust is where its true horror lies. Son of Saul brings that horror home in perhaps the most counter-intuitive way imaginable: by focusing so closely on one man that everything going on...
A shocking journey into a fairytale nightmare.
The plethora of excesses on show in Szabolcs Hajdu’s Bibliothèque Pascal may prove too daunting for some, given the handful of walkouts and chorus of 'WTFs?" in the foyer post-MIFF screening.
Awkward romance loses way towards the end.
Anyone lucky enough to have seen Tom Noonan’s splendid 1994 US indie chamber drama, What Happened Was"¦, will find the scenario for this Hungarian three-hander immediately familiar.Both films depict an awkward first date in something close to...
Strange Fruit was a successful British rock band of the '70s, but their final open-air concert, held in 1977, ended in what their roadie, Hughie, Billy Connolly, calls 'divine intervention' - a bolt of lightning. Since then they've gone their...
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