A powerful look at the passion of revolutionary fervour.
Gilles (Clement Metayer) has a tall, slight, slender physique worthy of a rock star. He’s got a mop of dark hair coiffed like Sticky Fingers period Keith Richards. Gilles doesn’t talk much, but he believes in direct action. At 17 he’s an aspiring...
Italian-Australian influence gets its due.
At a time when immigration is a hot-button topic in Australia and unfounded hysteria over what vague disasters could befall us is readily available, the documentary Lygon Street – Si parla Italiano is a reminder that there was a time when this...
A tastefully dull portrait.
I should probably confess, first of all, that I never much liked Renoir’s paintings. Of all the Impressionists he seemed to me the least interesting; his palette—his flesh tones, in particular—struck me as overripe, his subject-matter bourgeois,...
Love is a battlefield.
ITALIAN FILM FESTIVAL: Nicole (Clara Ponsot) and Cosimo (Riccardo Scarmarcio) meet during a riot. It’s shot shaky-cam and it appears as a nightmarish mad scramble of swinging truncheons and heavy boots and the odd plea for help amidst outrage....
Innocence takes a hit in tender crime drama.
ITALIAN FILM FESTIVAL: In director Leonardo di Costanzo's The Interval (L'intervallo), two teens play house in the echoing ruins of what appears to be a grand villa – in fact, it’s a derelict psyche hospital. a riff on the gangster kidnap set-up
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