Korean heist film has got the goods.
The Hot Rock, The Jokers, Gambit, Rififi, The Red Circle, and The Thomas Crown Affair. These are what are generically known as caper pictures. Korean film Thieves (the universally used title, despite the film's title card clearly reading 'The...
Political thread guides trapeze dreams.
PYONGYANG INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL: For those whose knowledge of the Korean peninsula is confined to the southern end, Comrade Kim Goes Flying is a unique opportunity to peek through the window to another, contrasting world. If you don’t know...
Good horror premise goes haywire.
PUCHON INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL: Exhibiting the knack that Korean cinema has for capturing on film the characteristics of the people that the movies are made for, Don’t Click capitalises on the often brutal rivalry of adolescent females and...
A consistent combo of thrills.
PUCHON INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL: If Asian horror has a heart, that dark, pumping organ beats strong at South Korea’s Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival. For the festival’s opening night this year, they opted for an omnibus simply...
Semi-successful melodrama takes aim at the rich.
MELBOURNE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL: South Korean filmmaker Sang-soo Im’s latest feature expands on his 2010 movie, The Housemaid.
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