Sang-soo Im makes a mess of cult classic.
Melbourne International Film Festival: When Ki-young Kim’s The Housemaid debuted in 1960, it was at the height of what would come to be known as the 'Golden Era’ of South Korean cinema. With its bold and shocking take on sexual politics and class...
A powerful, utterly convincing drama.
At that thing they have in May in Cannes – oh, yeah, the film festival – I saw this movie from the country beneath North Korea – what do they call it? Oh, yeah: South Korea – with a really lovely title. That form of writing with special word...
Insensitive real-life references make this Korean disaster epic a washout.
South Korean cinema has left a distinctive mark on the global arthouse and festival circuit in recent years by interpreting commercial genres through indigenous sensibilities.
The vampire myth experiences a religious epiphany.
MELBOURNE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL: There are no halfway measures for Chan-wook Park. In the Korean auteur's latest movie, the blackly comic vampire tale Thirst, slurping, ravenous sucking sounds mark the letting of blood. There is nothing...
Life truths told well in Korean smash.
the film is mostly about the space between youthful expectation and adult experience
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