Korean parasite panic should go international.
PUCHON INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL: One of the joys of attending the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival every year is that in addition to the festival, the summer crop of Korean blockbusters are just launching. For reasons that would...
Animation for adults keeps it real.
SYDNEY FILM FESTIVAL: Both sophisticated and brutal, The King of Pigs is an animated film that will confront, appal and also move audiences. For those familiar with South Korean cinema, some of the contents of Yuen Sang-ho’s film will not...
Cop/horror hybrid only hints at possibilities.
HONG KONG INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL: If there is one thing Asian films do well, it’s genre hybrids. Perhaps, because genre traditions are primarily an outgrowth of the American cinema, the Asian approach tends to be less reverential about what...
Overcooked Korean crime saga could've been a classic.
CANBERRA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL:The first half of director Hong-jin Na’s heart-in-the-mouth Korean thriller, his second feature after The Chaser, plays like a classic slice of crime cinema that has 'cult hit’ stamped all over. A bravura...
Fine horror film targets ills of Korean society.
Watch a few South Korean films and it’s hard not to pick up on an air of barely suppressed – and often openly expressed – violence. An undefinable malevolence speaks eloquently of apparent social tensions, particularly between the genders.
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