Scandinavian Fargo falls short of inspiration.
SYDNEY FILM FESTIVAL: If recent trends in crime fiction have taught us anything, it’s that, contrary to its benign, rather staid reputation, Scandinavia is in fact a cesspool of brutal and amoral criminality. (It seems the sole prerequisite,...
Marriage turns cold in superb avalanche drama.
CANNES FILM FESTIVAL: ‘See it with someone you ****’, read the tagline on the poster of Steven Soderbergh’s underrated The Girlfriend Experience—and for some reason that phrase came to mind as I watched this, the fourth feature from Swedish...
Horny hippies more show than go.
The most annoying thing about FFF is their lack of any articulated political agenda
Epic Norwegian voyage steered by Hollywood conventions.
a fun, if undemanding watch
Compelling Norwegian indie combines mirth with the mythical.
With its opening scenes dripping in viscera and vomit, one can only assume Aleksander Nordaas’ Thale will head down the blood ’n’ guts monster movie path. But what emerges in the Norwegian indie is a far more thoughtful (though no less scary)...
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