Forty-year-old actress Camille (Noémie Lvovsky) gets along well with her teenage daughter (Judith Chemla) but the rest of her life is falling apart. Her career consists of bit parts in B-grade horror movies, she drinks too much and her husband of 25 years, Éric (Samir Guesmi), is leaving her for a younger woman. After throwing Eric out, Camille drowns her sorrows at a New Year’s Eve party, passes out and wakes up in hospital in 1985, appearing to everyone around her as her 16-year-old self. Shocked but overjoyed to be reunited with her presently dead parents (Yolande Moreau, Michel Vuillermoz) Camille tries to ensure that her mother and daughter exist in the future whilst trying to dodge her future husband’s advances. As she learns of the impossibility of changing the past, Camille discovers new things about her relationships and ultimately, herself.

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1 hour 55 min
In Cinemas 02 May 2013,