In the 1750s, a Spanish Jesuit priest, Father Gabriel enters the South American jungle to build a mission and convert a community of Guaraní Indians to Christianity. A mercenary and slaver, Rodrigo Mendoza, makes his living kidnapping native Indians and selling them to the nearby plantations. After slaying his brother Felipe in a duel fought over his fiancée, Mendoza spirals into guilt and depression before Father Gabriel challenges Mendoza to undertake a suitable penance. Mendoza joins the mission and together he and Father Gabriel work to help care for the Guaraní tribe. Unknown to them a new treaty is signed between Portugal and Spain that sounds the death knell of the Jesuit missions. Father Gabriel and Mendoza find themselves fighting those sent to suppress them – the one armed with the love of God, the other with the sword.

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2 hours 4 min
Wed, 03/10/2010 - 11