When Walt Disney's (Tom Hanks) daughters convince their father to make a movie out of their favourite book P.L. Travers' (Emma Thompson) Mary Poppins, he had no idea what he was agreeing too. Travers has no intention of letting Hollywood get a hold of her book and destroy it no matter how hard Disney tries to make her come around. As the money starts to dry up, Travers finally acquiesces to Dsiney's request to fly to Los Angeles so that he can convince her to give him the rights in person.

For two weeks, Disney did everything imaginable to sell Travers from storyboards to songs but she won't budge until he realises that he has to reach into his own childhood to understand Travers and make one of Walt Disney's most memorable films.


2 hours 5 min
In Cinemas 06 February 2014,