The return of a great storyteller.
BERLIN FILM FESTIVAL: There’s a moment in the evolution of any definable style when it tips into mannerism, becoming first an imitation of itself, then a parody. With Moonrise Kingdom, I feared Wes Anderson had reached this point. For me, there...
Chinese epic illuminates a dark chapter in its WWII history.
How on Earth could a government, its army and bureaucrats turn their backs while three million citizens starved to death? a harrowing and poignant account
Hybrid tale muffs mix.
As a discussion-starter on the ethics and consequences of the science of gene-splicing, Vincenzo Natali’s modern spin on the Frankenstein story offers a little too much B-monster movie and not quite enough New Scientist magazine.
This tongue-in-cheek tale of two con artist brothers (Adrien Brody and Mark Ruffalo) plotting to fleece a kooky heiress (Rachel Weisz) by apparently recruiting her into their team is a souffle that rises tastily in parts and sags in others.