Allen Hughes

The religious fervour is easy to dismiss, but the Hughes Bros seem more devoted to the Scripture of the Screen.
In the Hughes Brothers bizarre The Book of Eli the world is smeared in a smoky flaky dust. All bright colours have been drained away. Like The Road, the setting is the US after Armageddon. In John Hillcoat’s excellent film the mood was creepy,...
This portrait of love in the big apple is rotten to the core.
In 2006 producer Emmanual Benbihy turned out Paris, Je T'aime, a compendium of short films centred on erotic possibilities and directed by, amongst others Isabel Coixet, the Coen Brothers and Alexander Payne.
At times extremely bloody, the film is a bit self important and bombastic, and never really convinces, even when it comes up with its big theory as to who the Ripper really was.
Who was Jack the Ripper, the serial killer who stalked the streets of London in 1888, brutally murdering and dismembering prostitutes? From Hell thinks it has the answer. Johnny Depp plays Inspector Fred Abberline who leads the investigation into...