In a world of rules... one woman is ruled by her passion.
Boaz Yakin ventured into the world of urban African-Americans in his debut feature Fresh with remarkable skill. His second feature A Price Above Rubies which he also wrote is about a world that is a bit closer to home for him, it`s the world of...
They came together when their classmates and loved ones would not.
You might well yawn at yet another movie about American football, but the game`s not the main event in Remember the Titans - racism is......Set in the early 1970`s when bussing students from segregated schools to integrated schools in America...
There's an odd tone to Uptown Girls which stops it being predictably cloying and yet it also stops it from being likeable.
The director Boaz Yakin started his film career with the impressive Fresh way back in 1994. He's only made three films since, the most recent of which is Uptown Girls, a film about as far away from Fresh as you could get.

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