Brendan Gleeson

SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL: Brendan Gleeson carries the weight of an embattled Catholic Church in Calvary, John Michael McDonagh’s caustic follow up to The Guard. In cassock and clerical collar, Father James Lavelle (Gleeson) wanders his seaside...
Potty-mouthed perfection.
MELBOURNE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL: Brendan Gleeson’s inevitable march towards Oscar’s podium has taken a few great big f***ing leaps forward thanks to John Michael McDonagh’s foul-mouthed, feisty, utterly lovable small-town cops’n’robbers...
Fascinating cross-dressing caper minimises its complexity.
In Albert Nobbs, Glenn Close plays the title role, a professional butler who works in a shabby gentile Dublin hotel in the late 19th century. But in fact, Nobbs is a woman who has grown into middle age pretending to be man.

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