Greengrass/Damon thriller suffers collective memory loss.
Compactly built, with a steady gaze that pick out weaknesses and a head that is both literally and metaphorically hard, Matt Damon makes perfect sense as the leading man for Paul Greengrass.
Fascinating cross-dressing caper minimises its complexity.
In Albert Nobbs, Glenn Close plays the title role, a professional butler who works in a shabby gentile Dublin hotel in the late 19th century. But in fact, Nobbs is a woman who has grown into middle age pretending to be man.
Tale of a Melbourne Cup triumph is reduced to a corny horse opera.
Virtually everyone who follows racing and even those with a passing interest in the 'sport of kings’ will be familiar with the premise of The Cup: jockey Damien Oliver wins the 2002 Melbourne Cup a week after his older brother Jason dies in a...
This film highlights why John Boorman is a cinematic master.
On August 18, 1994, in a suburb of Dublin, Martin Cahill, nicknamed The General, was assassinated outside his house. John Boorman`s film begins with the death of its principal character, and then proceeds to unfold the story of his life.
One doesn\'t count, the other can\'t. Dis-organised crime.
I Went Down - an ambiguous title to say the least - is an Irish-British co-production about an odd couple; Git - Peter McDonald - just out of gaol for a crime he didn`t commit and Bunny - Brendan Gleeson - a dumb thug. Bunny`s imposed on Git as a...

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