Iran Hostage Crisis as Hollywood pot-boiler.
TORONTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL: Much like his last directing effort, The Town, Ben Affleck’s Argo opens with a fury of activity.
Recession-era romance feels forced.
Larry Crowne is the cinematic equivalent of a kind Uncle, who, finding you’re down about things, is determined to perk you up by suggesting a set of new opportunities and possibilities designed to keep the blues at bay. Or, to put it another way,...
A sweet ride.
CANNES: Nicholas Winding Refn’s 'neon-noir' heist film Drive winds the speedo back 25 years to honour the spirit of 80s action films, but this fable about fast cars and mob violence isn’t afraid to show its feminine side.
Flu thriller finds true host in Soderbergh.
Several times in Contagion, Steven Soderbergh’s eerily realistic depiction of a worldwide pandemic, the filmmaker elevates Cliff Martinez’s dynamic score above the dialogue in scenes of early responders taking stock of a fast rising death toll on...
Crime drama characters resemble plot points rather than people.
In The Lincoln Lawyer, a courtroom drama based on the popular novel by Michael Connolly, Matthew McConaughey plays an LA defence attorney called Mick who seems to specialise in a kind of tidied-up and glamorous form of sleaze. I’m not talking...