Bud Cort

Mel Gibson agrees it stinks.
Million Dollar Hotel received a less than glowing review from its star Mel Gibson when he called it "as boring as a dogs ass".
It`s not funny, it`s not tense, it`s not endearing.
Bobby - Favreau - works days as a construction worker and nights minding girlfriend Jessica - Famke Janssen - who works as a lapdancer. But his life is dogged by his friendship with Ricky - Vince Vaughn - a socially inept loudmouth who can`t...
A film so dense, emotional and funny it'll make your head spin.
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou is Wes Anderson's fourth feature and his most ambitious yet. You could even say it is his most 'Wes Anderson' movie so far, a film that aggressively pushes the envelope in terms of what defines his movies.

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