Crude political satire is absurd and light on for laughs.
It’s hard to nominate the most cringe-making moment in The Campaign, an ungainly mash-up of broad political satire and gross-out comedy: there are so many contenders. not one character is even remotely credible
John Landis` long-delayed sequel to his 1980 cult success The Blues Brothers opens with a man leaving prison. Elwood Blues, Dan Aykroyd, is informed of the death of his brother, Jake, and his friend, Curtis, by the prison governor, Frank Oz. But...
A refreshing unconventional film with a snappy script that us sure to make you laugh.
High School reunions are a collision of the past with the present - we saw how Romy & Michelle handled theirs and now it`s Martin Q. Blank`s - John Cusack`s - turn to go back to Grosse Pointe in Michigan ten years after he left. The only...
A tremendously moving and magnificent film experience.
The film begins when the book was written, in 1905. The heroine Lily Bart - Gillian Anderson is a woman of class who aspires to a life of luxury and entertainment but doesn`t have the means to achieve it on her own. She has to marry someone rich...
A deliciously self-aware recreation of an era and a genre.
Once a year it seems we're treated to another movie from Woody Allen. This year it's The Curse of the Jade Scorpion set in New York in 1940.

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