An emotional, deeply felt account of the West Memphis Three case.
It’s a sunny May day and Pam Hobbs (Reese Witherspoon) and her eight-year-old Stevie (Jet Jurgensmeyer) are strolling in the sunshine. The kid is singing Elvis and mum is hiding her smile. This is West Memphis, Arkansas, 1993, and before...
Beat-era morality tale plays its safe.
Allen Ginsberg (Daniel Radcliffe) never killed anyone, but once upon a time he knew someone who did and this human tragedy broke his heart and opened his soul to all kinds of possibilities, cerebral and sensual, artistic and political. At least...
Boozy prohibition tale bogged down by leaden script.
CANNES FILM FESTIVAL:"There’s too much rust in the pipes, maybe"¦ or lead."So observes the gifted moonshine manufacturer in John Hillcoat’s Lawless, when he samples a new ginger-stained batch, and finds the alchemy lacking.
'Everyday superhero' genre taps into dark thematic territory.
The trailer will have you believe it is a blokey gagfest with supernatural underpinnings; the viral marketing positions it as an FX-laden, 'found-footage’ blockbuster-wannabe. And, sure, both these elements surface in debutant director Josh Trank...

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