David Paymer

The master of the video nasty returns to form after years in blockbuster territory.
Before he made Tobey Maguire kiss upside down in the rain, director Sam Raimi was known for his wildly-energetic horror-comedies.
The story ends up being more about how great America instead of the slave revolt.
Amistad is a terrific story - it`s about a slave revolt in 1839 on board La Amistad, a Spanish ship sailing off the coast of Cuba. But instead of finding their way back to Africa the slaves, led by Cinque - Djimon Hounsou - arrive in America...
The original Mighty Joe Young was made as a kind of child-friendly version of King Kong. The new film, directed by Ron Underwood, contains a rather muddled conservation message. In darkest Africa (filmed in Hawaii, actually), the mothers of Joe,...
There are no subtleties here; every point is rammed home with dogged seriousness.
While American forces are fighting Fascism in Europe and Asia during World War II, back home anti-semitism is rife. Larry Newman, William H. Macy, personnel officer for a secretarial company, lives with his mother in the suburbs. Larry has to...

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