Dominic West

Jodie Foster's financial industry thriller is a short-term investment.
In Jodie Foster’s Money Monster, George Clooney harnesses all of his movie personas to play a slick cable TV infotainer who enhances his stock tips with back-up dancers and hyperbole.
Mindless mayhem in ancient Britain.
Writer-director Neil Marshall describes his survival thriller as a homage to John Ford’s classic Westerns in the spirit of chase movies such as Deliverance, The Last of the Mohicans and Apocalpyto.
Beautifully designed and shot, this Dream is best when it`s being funny.
A Midsummer Night`s Dream isn`t, perhaps, one of Shakespeare`s best plays but it does provide its actors with some very choice comedy roles. In the most famous screen adaptation, made by the legendary German stage director Max Reinhardt (in...
Timing unfortunate but characters are neither likeable nor interesting.
The timing of the Australian film Diana and Me was unfortunate with the death of the Princess of Wales in August. A re-shoot which bookends the film acknowledges the tragedy. It`s about an Australian girl called Diana Spencer played by Toni...
The latest film to star Julia Roberts is Mona Lisa Smile, the story of Katherine Watson, an art history teacher at the prestigious American women's college Wellesley in the early 1950's. Watson arrives from UCLA as a new teacher at the school...