Dwayne Johnson

A bland homage to better films.
Planet 51 is a family-oriented animation made by a Madrid-based digital entertainment company called Ilion in conjunction with Britain’s Handmade Films, best known for the Monty Python movies.
Revenge flick shoots nothing but blanks.
In Faster, a vicious revenge flick riddled with unfulfilled ambitions, Dwayne Johnson shelves his recent family-friendly image (Race to Witch Mountain, Tooth Fairy) to portray a monomaniacal update of Clint Eastwood’s The Man with No Name.
You`d never have guessed it but five thousand years ago, before the time of the Pyramids, an evil warlord, elevated because of his fighting prowess, is set to take over the world. His name is Memnon - an inauspicious feature film debut by Steven...
Former wrestler The Rock is stepping into Arnie's shoes in Welcome to the Jungle. He plays Beck, a closer of deals, a gofer for his boss whose son he's sent to retrieve from adventures in Brazil. Arriving in El Dorado Beck discovers the town is...

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