Mid-life masculinity cops a serve in playful Spanish dramedy.
SPANISH FILM FESTIVAL: This is not an action film and the only thing that gets shot off here are a lot of barbs and back-chat at the expense of blokes, most of whom, on the available evidence, had it coming. Gay has a feel for deadpan comedy
Bardem carries Cannes award winner.
CANNES: Uxbal, the beleagured Spaniard played by Javier Bardem, has the weight of this world and the next one on his shoulders in Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu's Biutiful.
The man behind the t-shirt design.
MELBOURNE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL: What do you do with a famous life that’s been reduced to a single iconic image on the t-shirts of 40 years’ worth of teenagers around the world? The obvious answer would be a narrative-driven demystification...