Eileen Atkins

British stars flail away in unfunny farce.
Rarely in a British comedy have so many richly talented actors laboured so long in search of a coherent plot, plausible characters and even a modicum of humour.So it’s sad to see Bill Nighy, Emily Blunt, Rupert Grint, Eileen Atkins and Rupert...
So much was crammed into the screenplay from the novel that they left little room for believable set ups and transitions.
Adapted by Pulitzer Prize winning author Michael Cunningham from the best selling novel by Susan Minot, Evening features a stellar cast. And the cast is the biggest drawcard in the film.Evening is the story of Anne who, on her deathbed, reflects...
What could have been a powerful story of redemption is reduced to a formulaic coming-of-age film.
It's 1944 and Jack Bradley, Rollo Weeks, is on his way to his grandmother's for his eighth birthday. After putting him on the train, his mother Emily, is killed when a Spitfire crashes. Eight years later, celebrating his 16th birthday, a...

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