Elliott Gould

Literary love affair one for the heart and head.
this film has teeth, and can bite as easily as smile
The latest CG animation, The Ten Commandments, retells the epic story of Moses and is the first of a planned trilogy of biblical tales. Spanning his birth to death in just under 90 mins, The Ten Commandments covers a lot of ground indeed. And as...
It's a powerful depiction of the destructive effects of extremist attitudes.
Here monochrome photography has its use... it depicts the past when Derek Vineyard - Edward Norton - is a card-carrying member of an extremist group which holds a patch of sway in Venice Beach California... he's consumed by hate and convinces,...
One of the great American films of the '70s.
Nashville is a chaotic sprawling musical with satire at its heart and sedition not far away written by Joan Tewkesbury and directed by Robert Altman who'd made M.A.S.H, McCabe and Mrs. Miller and The Long Goodbye amongst other films before this.
It's tougher and tighter, and features a formidable cast.
Danny Ocean (George Clooney), just out of prison, has a score to settle with Las Vegas casino owner Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia) who took his wife, Tess (Julia Roberts) away from him.