Gary Lewis

A charming English film... with a twirl.
Set in the North of Thatcher's England during the miners' strike of 1984 this film is reminiscent of Brassed Off and The Full Monty. Billy Elliot (Jamie Bell) is twelve, his mum's died recently and the family – Dad (Gary Lewis) and brother Tony ...
A very slow-burning revenge tale.
In 1846, Bill The Butcher(Daniel Day-Lewis) leads his gang, The Nativists, descendents of Dutch and American settlers, against the Dead Rabbits, Irish-Catholic immigrants and led by Vallon (Liam Neeson). The Butcher kills Vallon as the latter's...
An incredible true story that will fill you with hope for the human race.
France\'s official submission for the foreign language Academy Award is MERRY CHRISTMAS or Joyeux Noel, a multi-language film that has topped the French box office.