Your humble correspondent says: Yes.
Young Frankenstein is Mel Brooks' funniest movie, which means it’s pretty much the funniest movie ever made. Being Mel Brooks’ funniest movie means it’s funnier than Blazing Saddles, funnier than The Producers (the original, not the musica...
A  good thriller about the corruption at the upper echelon of the political spectrum.
The opening sequences of Absolute Power represent some of the best work Clint Eastwood has so far achieved as director.
The 70s, the decade after the political assassinations that rocked America, produced a series of memorable conspiracy theory films, including Coppola`s The Conversation and the late Alan Pakula`s The Parallax View. Enemy Of The State, a...
During a pro football strike, the owners hire substitute players.
Those greedy pro-footballers of Washington`s Sentinals team who are on five million dollars want more - the insurance on those Ferrari`s is killing them... No sympathy from the bosses... so strike is the obvious solution... What do the bosses...

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