Tinseltown treads the boards

Hollywood screenwriters are returning to the stage for inspiration.
With comic book stores besieged by desperate film studio executives, it appears that an old-fashion idea may be coming back into style: adapting successful stage plays for the screen. Two of the more interesting productions slated for rele...
Clooney as killer in old fashioned character study.
In The American, George Clooney has the title role, a professional assassin. Before the main titles have played out, the movie has accrued a body count, and by the implacable cool (and breathtaking skill) Clooney’s character exhibits in knocking...
A wacky but weak-willed take on psychological combat.
At the beginning of this oddball satire-lite there are two titles that pop up on screen that go a long way to explain the twisted, sometimes amusing, more often frustrating confusions to follow.
Clooney takes flight in a thoroughly modern epiphany tale.
A truism that’s equally applicable to personal development and air travel is that you can’t help others until you help yourself. Director Ivan Reitman explores this concept to excellent effect in his thoroughly modern epiphany tale, Up in the Air.
A minor work from a major talent.
As a filmmaker Alexander Payne does one thing and he does it extremely well. Per About Schmidt and Sideways, The Descendants catches a man at a turning point in his life, struggling to relate to those around him and unable to make sense of his...