Skilled filmmaker Verhoeven makes the best of a very sleazy situation.
Now, from the same team responsible for Basic Instinct, the first film to get a wide release in North America while carrying the normally prohibitive NC-17 rating there. Here it's the very R-rated Showgirls. 
A very funny depiction of very bad deeds.
SYDNEY FILM FESTIVAL: Killer Joe is rude, crude, very violent and a lot of fun. It’s also nasty. Frankly, some of the best bits here are, well, the 'dirty’ parts. Line for line this film, based on a hit play by Tracy Letts, is hilarious and savage.
A dark, funny dismissal of pop culture.
Delirious is an unapologetic crime-filled fairytale set against a backdrop of starlets, desperate hangers-on and bloodthirsty paparazzi - a rags to riches tale with a bite. Les, a small time celebrity photographer, by chance meets the homeless bu...