Hank Azaria

Dirty deeds done too chicly.
this neutered re-telling feels evasive at best, actively dishonest at worst
Romantic dramedy uneasily mixes Viagra and Parkinson’s.
Director/co-writer Ed Zwick attempts to graft a bubbly comedy about Viagra, sex and relationships onto a wrenching drama about a 26-year-old woman afflicted with Parkinson’s disease in this uneven tale set in 1996 Pittsburgh.It doesn’t quite work...
Jive bunny has no bounce.
You know that sense of childlike wonder you experience when you tear away the shiny foil and bite into a huge milk chocolate egg"¦ only it turns out to be carob? Well, Hop is a carob egg.
As a movie with a title that reminded me of my experiences at Little Athletics, I can't say I was sprinting to see Run, Fat Boy, Run. Happily, this British comedy proves less a gruelling slog than a fun run. Five years ago, Dennis did a runner on...